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We cannot discuss content without mentioning social platforms, nor can we talk about social media platforms without addressing algorithms. 

In this article, I’ve dressed 5 social media content ideas to try in 2022 to beat social media algorithms. 

Let start with some definitions. 

What’s media content? 

First, what’s the content? Content may be many things depending on the context. For example, in publishing and communication, content is the information and experiences that target an audience, as mentioned by Wikipedia. 

Social media content is more precise. When an organization or an individual publishes information via social media (such as Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook) or a website (Blog, landing page …), it’s social media content. 

What’s social media marketing? 

Marketers use social media marketing to promote a company’s products and services through the social media platform. It’s happening by sharing relevant content to a targeted audience to increase sales, drive web traffic, and grow brand awareness. 

We are not talking about the content types ( images, videos, or text …) on most social media platforms. But we’ll talk about how you can turn your content into an engagement machine. 

In July 2021, Facebook has published an article about how their algorithm work. The Facebook algorithm uses a news feed ranking to predict what post you are most likely interested in and put them at the top. 

It holds an inventory of all the posts you could potentially see and will then gather signals that represent the post owner, the type of content, and the past interactions you may have with the post owner and this type of content. It will then assign a score to them and display your news feed by the post with the highest score.  

So for most social media platforms out there, There may have a difference in how they score a post, but the concept may be the same.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that social algorithms love engagement. This is why I’ve come up with 5 content ideas to help you drive more engagement to your post. Let’s go!

Ask your followers a question 

One of the best ways to start a conversation with someone is by asking them a question. Questions will encourage your audience to interact with your content and feel more connected with your brand. 

You can ask plenty of questions, but no more than one or two per day is best. Also, keep in mind that it’s not required that all questions need to be directly related to your activities. Instead, you can ask broad and general questions. If you’re a subma user, you can choose between more than 300+ questions from our template library.

Host an AMA

First, What’s, is AMA? AMA stands for Ask Me Anything, and it’s a Q&A type of conversation drive-by questions asked by the audience to an individual or a group with exciting experiences to share. 

Hosting an AMA for your brand through social media is more than beneficial for driving engagement and reinforcing your brand image because of its authenticity.

Run a contest or giveaway 

From a simple giveaway to a whole campaign, contests are an effective way to grow your social presence, increase your brand awareness or generate more leads. 

There is not much preparation to run a giveaway through social media. You want to make sure that you have an objective set up for your contest, a budget, set rules and term of conditions. 

Go live with your social media content

80% of live stream viewers will watch a stream from a brand rather than read its blog, report findstack

Lifestream is a way to engage directly with your audience, reach more people at almost no cost, and get instant feedback with your audience like in a face-to-face conversation. 

Repurpose your best content

Content doesn’t have to be fresh all the time. Some of your content can be reusable. 

Find your best evergreen content, refresh them a little bit and republish them. You may get a little boost on your SEO, reach new people and create more engagement. 

Engagement is more important than ever even when you paid to promote a post, you have to make sure that you crafted it to drive more engagement.

That’s it; I hope that you found this article helpful. 

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