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Today’s Twitter advertising is more than an opportunity for you and your business to reach new users and build a solid brand.

This year twitter started taking the platform more seriously with multiple updates and features like twitter spaces, a new monetization tool super follows or the ads manager rebranding. 

Today, we are talking about the last one. Months ago, Twitter rolled out the new Twitter ads manager, including a new categorization and a complete rebranding of the ad suite. 

This update makes it easier for startups and small businesses like us to run ads on the platform. 

Today’s Twitter advertising is more than an opportunity for you and your business to reach new users and build a solid brand.

Are you eligible for Twitter Ads? 

To be able to use the Twitter advertising suite, your account must meet specific criteria. As they mentioned here :

 For your account to be eligible for Twitter Ads, it must comply with all Twitter Ads Policies. Account compliance includes but is not limited to bio, username, handle, profile image, header image, and bio URL.

Among these policies, your account must represent your business with a working URL(preferably business domain), a photo, and a banner, be active and public in an eligible country 

How do Twitter ads work?

Twitter Ads – from https://business.twitter.com/en/help/overview.html

To explain this, let me tell you how a regular tweet works. When you post a tweet, Twitter will show your tweet to your follower feed, search results, and followers of people who interact with your tweet, depending on specific criteria. Keep in mind that a tweet lifespan is about 18 minutes

Back to Twitter ads. In exchange for a small amount of money, Twitter will eliminate these boundaries for the tweet you choose to advertise. Better, they will give you more options like targeting, tweet format and more. 

Is twitter ads worth it?

Like a social media guru will say, “it depends!”. I’m joking. 

Is twitter ads worth it? Yes, 100%. Don’t get me wrong, Twitter has its flaws and defects, and I’m not trying to compare the platform other than Facebook or Linkedin Ads, but it’s still one of the best ads platforms out here.

Getting started with Twitter ads manager

Setting up ads account.

To start with the advertising platform, go to https://ads.twitter.com/ and log in with the Twitter account you want to advertise.

What are the Ads type?

They offer five ads format to not confuse with media format. Here formats available :

  1. Promoted Ads: Can be used for almost everything
  2. Follower Ads: to boost brand visibility and get new followers
  3. Amplify: in-stream video ads type
  4. Takeover: Put your ads in the timeline and explore tabs
  5. Live: real-time ads formats, suitable for event or conference

Twitter media format is the type of media or content you can use alongside your ads. 

However, Some ads type may not support certain media formats. For example, you can not use image format in Twitter live ads type. Here is the list of media formats: 

  • Image Ads: promoted tweet with an image.
  • Video Ads: self-explanatory.
  • Carousel Ads: Tweet with carrousel up to six horizontally swipeable photos or videos.
  • Moment Ads: Promote collection of Tweets.
  • Text Ads: Simple and ordinary tweet with text.
  1. How much does Twitter advertising cost?

Depending on the campaign objective you select, how twitter charges you may change. It can be by billable actions, Auctions or Bids.

Keep in mind that you have complete control over your campaign spend. Check out this for more info about Twitter ads pricing.  

How to run Twitter Ads? 

To run a Twitter ads campaign, you’ll need to have a clear objective in mind.

Trying to answer these questions:

  • What do you want to get out of your ads?
  • Who it’s for, or who’s going to see this ad? How do these people use Twitter (these will help you determine the best placement)?
  • What’s your budget? . 

Once you get answers to all your questions, you are ready to go.

Let try an example with Subma Twitter account. Let say we want to run ads to build an audience. Head to  https://ads.twitter.com/  and login

🎯 Campaign set-up

  • Select create a campaign and then select your objective. In our case, it will be followers.
  •  Name your campaign; I used to have a naming convention like objective_date_broadtarget.
Twitter ads Campaign set-up | Subma

Ad group details

Depending on your need, you can have different ads group with different budgets and target audiences. For this tutorial, I will use one ad group that will run based on the campaign’s overall budget. 

Audience Demographic

this is where you’ll define detail about your audiences, such as locations, age, and gender. I choose the US and the UK, which are very broad. You can narrow it depending on your needs. 

Ads group detail | subma
Ads group detail | subma

Devices and custom audience

Here, you’ll choose which device your ads should run. I leave that blank. My ads will run everywhere a user can use Twitter. 

Audience demographic - Subma
Audience demographic

Targeting features

This is the most exciting part. 

Twitter ads targeting feature
Twitter ads targeting feature
  • Keywords: You can set keywords that your target audience audiences have searched, Tweeted, or from Tweets they’ve engaged with. As soon as you enter your primary keyword, Twitter will suggest to you a similar keyword. 

keyword suggestion
Targeting feature Twitter – keyword suggestion
  • Follower look-alikes: You can target users with similar interests to an account’s followers based on things like Tweets, Retweets, clicks, and more. 
  • Interest: Interest is things your follower may be interested in. 

You can narrow the audience as much as you want. I’ll leave the other blank. 


this is where you want your ads, and it depends on the objective you choose. 


This is where you choose the content of your ad. This can be a tweet that you already posted, a scheduled or a promoted one. 

Creative twitter ads
Creative twitter ads

In the end, you can review your campaign and launch it. Before your campaign is fully live, it will pass the approval process. Note that the review process may take one business day before going live. 

That’s it; I hope that you found this article helpful.
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