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Are LinkedIn Ads suitable for every business? How much do Linkedin Ads cost? Do advertising on LinkedIn worth my time and money? Even today, I heard a lot of questions like these. 

So I’ve decided to respond to these questions by making an ultimate LinkedIn Advertising platform Guide as I did for Twitter a few days ago.

I’ll keep doing this series of 101 guides for social media marketing as long as it’s helpful. But, if you want me to dig into more digital marketing kind of guides like Google Adword, Google analytics or SEO, let me know on Twitter @ibsylla13

What is a LinkedIn Ads platform? 

Let start by defining LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a social media network built for professionals. You can use Linkedin to get the dream job or connect with industry professionals. More than 774 million professionals worldwide use Linkedin, making it the best platform for B2B marketing. The

The Linkedin advertising platform is a solution that lets marketers pay to display ads on LinkedIn to millions of professionals.

How does the LinkedIn Ads platform work? 

They are no significant difference between the Linkedin Advertising platform and the other Ads platform out there. 

In short, LinkedIn offers an Ads Manager to create ads by setting an objective, an Ads format, a target audience, a budget and then run your Ads. The ads manager also helps better understand by providing an analytics platform to track your ads performances. 

Here is how the LinkedIn ads manager is structured :

LinkedIn ads manager structure

On the top you have Accounts, on each account, you can have multiple campaign groups and inside campaign groups, you can have multiple campaigns and so on. You got it!

Is there a chance to grow on LinkedIn without using Ads?  

Yes, of course. Compared to other social media, LinkedIn is gaining more and more engagement. With shared content being up with 29% and conversion rate increasing drastically, there is a place for organic growth. 

You may need to know a bit about how LinkedIn Algorithm works. Here are a few tips for manipulating LinkedIn Algorithm

  • Comments are the most important interaction. Reactions come second, and share come thirds. 
  • Hashtags are also important on LinkedIn. Use 3 or fewer hashtags for each of your posts.
  • Video type of content is good if you keep them shorts. 
  • Mention people to get their feed and also on their follower feed. 

Okay, now that you have a better understanding of the what and the why of LinkedIn Ads. Let talk about the how. 

How to run a successful campaign on LinkedIn Ads

Let start with some terms that you may encounter : 

  • Sponsored Content: Sponsored ads are ads that appear on people that match your targeting criteria feed. 
  • Message Ads: These ads appear on LinkedIn Messaging like a direct message.
  • Dynamic Ad: With Dynamics ads, you can personalize your ads for each member of your target audience. For example, you can use people’s photos, company names, and job titles programmatically.
  • CPS or Cost per send: it’s a bid type where you pay for each message that is successfully delivered
  • CPC or Cost per click: a bid type where you pay for each click. 
  • CPM or Cost per impression: a bid type where you pay for every 1,000 Impressions you get. 

You can find more terms on the Programmatic Advertising Glossary and the Glossary of Key Reporting and Analytics.

1 – Choose an objective 

LinkedIn Ads has 3 groups of objectives such as awareness, consideration or conversions. Each group has a set of objectives you can choose from : 


  • From an objective awareness group, you can choose only Brand awareness as an objective. Brand awareness, as the name suggests, lets you increase awareness and visibility for your brand. 


  • Website visits: Let drive more traffic to your website 
  • Engagement: Create more engagement with your content such as clicks, like, share or follow
  • Video views: Generate more views for a promotional video. 


  • Lead generation: Generate leads using native LinkedIn Form
  • Website conversions: Get and measure conversions on a landing page or website. 
  • Job applicants: Promote your company job 
Tips for choosing the right objective. 

Depending on the objective you choose, you may have different bid options. For example, the engagement objective and the brand awareness are typically the same, except that Brand awareness doesn't come with a pay-per-click bid. 
By mapping out your company objective with ads objective, it can be simple to choose one. For example, if you have a killer landing page, you may select a website visit instead of a lead gen ad. 

2- Select your target audience

After choosing your objective, choosing your target audience is second on the campaign level. 

The target audience builder makes a big difference in B2B marketing compared to other platforms because it’s more specific and accurate.  

Linkedin Ads managers offer multiple options to target people. In addition to location, language and interest, you can also select your audience people based on their profile, such as :

  • Company size 
  • Company name 
  • Member schools 
  • Member interests 
  • Member groups 
  • Skills 
  • Job title 
  • Job seniority 
  • and more
Tips for selecting the right audience

Choosing the right audience is probably the most challenging task. So the number 1 advice I can give you is to A/B test your audience. Duplicate your audience multiple times and play with the audience. For example, you want to compare ads that target people Jobs and one targeting skills.

3- Pick your LinkedIn ad format. 

Depending on the objective that you choose, you can have access to various ads format. I recommend that you take a look at objective related ads format from LinkedIn. 

Linkedin offers 4 types of ads formats, and each comes with different ad creative. 

Sponsored Content

  • Single image ads: Ads compose a wording and a single image like a regular post suitable for LinkedIn feed.
  • Video ads: same as single image ads but with a video instead of an image
  • Carousel ads: a combination of multiple swipeable pictures in a single ad.
  • Event Ads: Native ad with wording and a linkedIn event URL. 

Sponsored Messaging

  • Conversation Ads: A ads message with various call-to-action append to it. 
  • Message Ads: Same as conversation ads but only one call-to-action button.

LinkedIn explains the difference between if 2 ads here

Lead Gen Forms

  • Lead Gen Forms: Native pre-filled forms that help you collect leads

Text and Dynamic Ads

  • Text Ads: text ads with various calls to action that appear on the right pan.
  • Spotlight Ads
  • Follower Ads

4- Pick your budget

In addition to your campaign start and end date, you’ll need to pick a bidding option. Linkedin gives 3 bid options that areCPS, CPC and CPM.

LinkedIn bidding system lets you win an auction without being the highest bidder, and they call it a bidding reward. 

Tips for setting up the best budget:
I can't do better than LinkedIn

You can now hit run and your campaign will be live. I’m not covering the performance part in this blog post but if you are interested in how to measure successfully LinkedIn Ads campaign let me on Twitter: @ibsylla13


If you are looking for the best place for B2B marketing with or without ads, LinkedIn is the best place for that. LinkedIn Ads maybe not be cheap, but it’s worth trying. 

That’s it; I hope that you found this article helpful. 

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