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You get it. Subma is easy to use and it’s thought to unlock your productivity. How to use your social calendar

(Edited at Monday, October 2021)

Welcome to Subma — an easy social media management tool that gives superpowers to your work.

You can schedule your post in 4 different ways. But first, connect your social media accounts in 2 clicks :

  1. On the menu, select settings and social media from the dropdown
  2. On the top right, select Connect social account and choose the social platform you want to connect. That’s it

How to connect social account to subma ?
How to connect social accounts to subma?

How to set up time to post?

It’s easy to set your favorite time to post and use them in the calendar.

  1. On top, Select settings and social accounts.
  2. On the time to post, Section selects a social account to start setting up your best time to post.
  3. Select a day
  4. Select a time
  5. (optional) Click on the colored dot and add a plan. We recommend adding a plan to each time, it will easier while using the social calendar to know what type of content to post
Time to post | Subma
Best Time to post | Subma.io

* As soon as you select a social account, a default time to post is set for your account.

* Build your Schedule: Help you quickly add a new hour. Select a day and an hour and click Add schedule. 

*To delete an hour, click on the cross icon in front of the hour you want to delete

Create a post from the composer button

On the top right of the calendar, Click on Open Composer,

  1. Once the composer penned, you can :
    • Write your copy
    • Add an image with click to upload button
    • See the preview by clicking Expand on the left right.
  2. Select a social media account — You can select multiple account
  3. Select a date picker by clicking schedule post
  4. Save your schedule

Create a post from a time to post

You can view your social calendar in multiple ways such as day view, week view month view. On the day view, you can access your time to post. On hover, you can see your social plan for that particular hour.

Time to post
Best time to post on social media

How does time to post works with the social calendar ?

When on the day view, the button ‘Show the time to post’ show the time to post set for this particular day. You can go to the next day or the preview day by clicking next or back, and your time to post will update accordingly.


* When a time turns green, this means that it's already filled by a post. By hovering, you can see a preview of the post.

* You can open the composer with the scheduled date automatically set for this time by clicking a time.

Create a post from the social calendar slot

From the calendar, click on the slot of the date where you want to set a schedule. The date will be automatically charged to that slot and create your post.

Subma social media calendar | subma.io
Subma social media calendar | subma.io

Create a post from an App

You can trigger the composer from any of these apps: Giphy, Unsplash, Pexels, and youtube. We’ll take an example from Unsplash.

First, On the right sidebar, select Unsplash, once the app open :

  1. Select an image or search for an image using the search bar
  2. Under the search bar, Right side to your selected image, click on create post button
  3. Create your post, choose a date and save your schedule

Connect subma with Unsplash or Pexels,
Connect subma with Unsplash or Pexels,

You get it. Subma calendar is easy to use and a powerful tool for productivity

Want more from the calendar? Request a feature here use and it’s thought to unlock your productivity.

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