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RSS feed can be a powerful tool for your social media marketing. if you don’t know what’s RSS feed is, here is an excellent article on Business Insider 

How Subma RSS feed works? 

Subma RSS feed helps you stay up to the updates of your favorite blogs. By connecting your feeds, subma will aggregate all new articles from these feeds that you can access from your dashboard. 

How to connect an RSS Feed? 

Head to the dashboard, and click on the RSS feed tab.

  • Click Configure RSS Feed
  • In the editor, enter your RSS name and URL
  • Click Add 
Social RSS feeds Subma
Social RSS feeds Subma


The number of feeds you can connect depends on your subscription plan.

That’s it. Each time you access this page, your RSS will be up to date with new articles. 

Social RSS feeds Subma
Social RSS feeds Subma

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