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To build a community on social media is not easy but it’s at your fingertips. You’ve most likely heard of social media marketing as the holy grail of marketing. Social media marketing is an effective way of boosting website traffic and improving a brand’s sales.

For example, building a community, posting high-quality content to your social media profiles/pages, listening to audiences, etc., is a part of social media marketing. We’ve written a good article for social media marketing content to drive more engagement in 2022

Social media is well known as a tool for online community building around a brand or business. However, the most underrated form of social media marketing is to build a community.  

There are several reasons for building a community on social media, and an engaged community will surely improve your brand value. 

6 Reasons Why Should You Build a Community on Social Media 

Why you should build an engaged community on social media? There are plenty of reasons. Here are 9 of them :

  • A community can promote a business’s engagement  
  • Brand visibility can increase through a community.
  • Community can Bring your audience closer to your brand
  • A social media community can convert an audience to a potential customer
  • It’s a new customers/folowers magnet
  • Social networking tools are used widely, and your target audience is already present and active on the platform.

How to Build a Community on Social Media?

Build a community by engaging with your followers

To build a good community, engaging with your audience is very important. If you care about your followers, you must reply to their comments or engage directly with them.

Conversations will increase your brand value, while lousy communication shows that your brand is self-serving if you are not involved in a conversation.

Using hashtags

Informative and engaging articles do not always have a huge audience. Using perfect hashtags is a way that helps you to expose your engaging articles to a new audience.

Topics and phrases in posts on your timeline, page, or groups can be converted into clickable links. This allows individuals to find content regarding topics of interest to them. Here is a tool that helps you find the best hashtags for Instagram and Twitter

Welcome your followers

 Welcoming new customers can build a good relationship with trustworthiness. We can provide some gifts to the new members of your community to achieve the loyalty of newcomers.

When a visitor enters your home, or a customer enters your brand new business, you want them all to feel more comfortable. And don’t forget to invite those you already do business with to like or join you.

Working with Influencers

Influencers are individuals who have large or small virtual communities oriented on a specific topic, issue, or theme. Hiring influencers to promote your product or service is the usual process of working with them.

But there are some other ways. For example, you can mention or tag an influencer on your post not only that you can also take interviews of the influencers in your community. In addition, you may connect to an influencer’s network without hiring them. 

Using GIFs, quote images, and memes

Using proper emoji on your content can engage more people and play an essential role in building community.

In addition, you will connect more people on your social media platform if you appropriately post quotes. Lastly, posting memes can entertain your audience to make them closer to your brand. 


Some promotion offers to the follower should be given at a regular interval. In addition, promotional offers and coupons play a significant role in building a community. 

Final Words

It would be best to build a community on social media, but it does not cover all the things for social media marketing. In addition, of course, today’s engaged community might be uncertain, following a company one day and then unfollowing it the next day. 

So regular content marketing and conversation with the community members is a must to retain them for a long time.

Your community members should understand that you value their feedback and aren’t just there to advertise your brand. 

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