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Subma comes with a build-in task management feature. How does Subma task management works?

Subma comes with a build-in task management feature. You can easily create tasks, set due dates, manage status and assign tasks to your team members.

How to create task?

Create a task with Subma’s task manager is simple.

  1. On the left navigation menu, select tasks
  2. On the top click create a task to create a new task
  3. Fill all the information about your task and that’s it !

Subma apps integration | Productivity apps
Subma task manager | Productivity apps

By clicking on the task, you access all the task information n the right side. There you can choose to pin your task on the top, add a description, add a file from your computer, google drive or dropbox.

How to connect Subma with other task management apps ?

Even though you can create tasks directly in Subma, you can also import tasks from other task management apps like Asana, Trello, Todoist and more.

Here is an example with Todoist :

  1. First, make sure your app is connected, if not go to Subma apps integrations and connect your app
  2. When connected, you can access them on the right side bar, select your app (Todoist for us)
  3. There will be listed all your tasks (from the app you choose to connect)
  4. Select a task and click create a task et voilà .

Subma apps integration | Productivity apps
Subma apps integration | Todoist example | subma.io

Now you know how to create a task. Want more from the task manager? Request a feature here

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