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As a new year comes, things seem to get back to normal again. As a social media manager, isn’t the best time to take new good resolutions? A resolution to be more productive and effective while managing your social media account?

As a social media manager, you wear multiple hats.

First, you are responsible for your company’s online presence.

Second, you have to develop a social media strategy, produce good content, have your ear widely open to trends, and analyze generated data from your different platforms.

It seems a lot, but it represents only the shortlist in some companies as you may be responsible for projects and paid campaigns. 

let start by defining productivity

What’s productivity ?

Productivity is literally “how much someone produces. ” So let make it simple.
For a set amount of tasks, you have to do. So less is the time you take to complete them, the more you’re productive.

Of course, we can qualify the tasks and determine your sentiment after measuring your productivity, but it is too elaborate.

That said, how do you manage your work more efficiently? How do you become more productive and drive more results as a social media manager?

Here are 7 hacks that will 10x your productivity in 2022 :

  1. Use a social media tool.
  2. Nothing is perfect, and neither is your content.
  3. Manage your work as a project.
  4. They are nothing wrong with saying No.
  5. Content never die.

Use a social media management tool .

There is plenty of social media management tool out there. Most of them will help you schedule and monitor posts whose primary purpose is to save you time.

Some of them come with additional features such as managing paid advertising, curating content, and analyzing social media performance.

How do you choose the right social media management tool ? 

Logically, the right social media tool for you is the one that will help you achieve your goal. 

For example, let say your goal is to increase brand awareness. In this case, you don’t want to be out of content ideas, you don’t want to miss any content that references your brand, and you need the right analytics tool.

For these reasons, you could choose  Subma as he offers a wide range of templates to inspire you and is a good monitoring tool. 

Subma dashboard
Subma dashboard| Subma.io

Treat your daily task as a project

First, what’s a project? A project is a set of tasks that need to be completed to reach the desired outcome.

Breaking down your work into the different tasks and prioritizing them will help you be more proactive and better manage your time at work.

Subma is also a great tool to help you with that. You can manage your tasks, assign your team member and track them with ease.

You can even connect and synchronize with task management tools like Asana, Trello or Todoist.

They are nothing wrong with saying No.

Yes, saying NO is not bad at all, even though it’s not easy. As a social media manager, you’ll receive many requests, and some will be outside your prioritized tasks.

Here are 4 tips to say no without making enemies : 

  • Be transparent about your work and the outcome.
  • Explain what it takes to work on the request.
  • Propose an alternative 
  • Do not say ‘NO’; say ‘NOT NOW’ instead.  

Nothing is perfect, and neither is your content.

Did you ever hear that perfection kills progress? And this is true. Being a perfectionist will seriously slow down your progress.

Instead, it would be best if you traded perfection in for action. Here is a good article about perfectionism.

If it’s good, do it again.

Curate your own content more often and recycle the best one.
While repurposing content would result in more time saved.
It’s also a good strategy practice because it will boost your SEO and reach more people, to name only these.

Bonus : 

Avoid distraction

We all know that social media equal distraction. The best way to avoid distraction is not to be exposed to them in the first place. It’s more difficult when you work in the industry. 

The best advice that works for me was to create different social media account that I use for work.

For example, when managing a Facebook page, you don’t want your admin to invite you as manager using your personal Facebook account.

With my “pro Facebook profile account,” I can see anything related to my personal life, like my friend’s post or the last Netflix trailer.

It creates a distraction-free zone and allows only work focus.

Don’t multi-task

Multi-tasking weakens your focus and attention. As a result, the most manageable tasks become much more complicated and take longer to complete. You want to plan your day, and if possible, append time to them. 

Being productive is very challenging in this busy world. There are so many distractions, and avoiding them is more complicated to accomplish than your actual work.

Just keep in mind that productivity doesn’t come overnight. It’s a bundle of habits that you develop and the choices you make daily.

That’s it! I hope that you found this article helpful. If so, share with others so they can benefit from it and make sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

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